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User experience and interface design with the Swoosh
Development of digital marketing products for the luxury car market
Optimizing outdated process with the greatest savings and credit cooperative in North America

Development, strategy and design

XL CINQ is an award winning full-service agency in development, strategy and design offering development and digital strategy solutions for consumers, government and businesses.

Specializing in web platforms, applications, e-commerce and digital branding, we help companies use technology to innovate and grow. In close partnership with brands, we identify new ways for them to connect with people. We help our clients to articulate their vision ant to design and develop products, services and experiences that bring them to life.

Bound to success

Our team is intentionally small, working with a handful of customers at a time. This allows us to establish a personal collaboration process. We work with very small companies as much as Fortune 500. Our management team based in Montreal, Canada, is powered by fifteen specialists working worldwide.

We like to work on projects that we believe in

We are not a VC firm. We mainly work with funded startups and established brands. However, we sometimes invest our expertise in projects in which we believe. In this case, we structure the payments as part cash and part equity and/or a share of revenue based on sales.